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Vegetable and Herb Varieties


Artichoke: 'Green Globe'
Bush Bean: 'Blue Lake 274'
Corn: Sweet 'Silver Queen', Sweet 'Kandy Korn'
Cucumber: 'Green Light'
Eggplant: 'Black Beauty'
Okra: 'Emerald'
Peppers: Habanero, Serrano, Fresno 'Flaming Flare', Chili 'Anaheim TMR', Poblano ('Ancho'), Sweet Pepper 'Yolo Wonder', Bell Pepper 'California Wonder', Early Jalapeño 'Giant Macaroni', 'Sweet Banana' (heirloom), 'Hungarian Wax', 'Tabasco' (heirloom), 'Trinidad Scorpion' (heirloom)
Rhubarb: 'Victoria'
Strawberries: Albion, Eversweet, Chandler, Sequoia, Quinalt
Swiss Chard: 'Bright Lights'
Watermelon: 'Crimson Sweet' (heirloom)


Basil: 'Pesto Perpetuo', Sweet Basil 'Genovese'
Bronze Fennel
Curry Plant
Dill: 'Bouquet'
French Tarragon
Garden Sage
Garlic Chives
Greek Oregano
Mint: 'Eau de Cologne' Mint, Apple Mint, Spanish Spearmint, Peppermint, "Kentucky Colonel' Mint, Mojito Mint
Thyme: Common Thyme, Coconut Thyme, Clear Yellow Thyme, Oregano Thyme
Parsley: 'Triple Curled', 'Flat Leaf', 'Giant of Italy'
Sweet Marjoram
Winter Savory

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