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Welcome to the home of Little Red Hen's community newsletter. You can find digital versions of all of our newsletters as well as meet the brains behind our publication. Thank you for stopping by!


Current Issues

Volume 02, Issue 03
Please enjoy the digital edition of the latest LRH News Letter.

In this Issue, we explore what learned at the Neurodiversity Symposium, Chat with Disability Advocate Temple Grandin, and learn more about the team over at Little Red Hen Vintage Hen!

Volume 02, Issue 02
In this issue, Little Red Hen spotlights community engagement. Our team travels to Baltimore to our first HCBS Conference, an important step for bringing awareness to our cause. We also dive into when and how to plant some delicious apple trees, and showcase some creative employee artwork.

Volume 02, Issue 01
In this issue, we take a look at employee pride at Little Red Hen, celebrate achievements with Andy M., and Carol M., and follow the yellow brick road as another Wizard of Oz Performance comes to a close.

Volume 01, Issue 04
This issue, released in June 2023, of the Little Red Hen newsletter features the debut of our employee art section. The art section highlights the creative ways our employees express themselves. The issue also focuses on Special Olympics, the local special education system, and some of the recent events Little Red Hen has participated in.

Special Edition, April 2023
In this issue, released in April 2023 Autism Acceptance Month, we featured Events like the Walk for Autism and the Autism Carnival. This issue focuses heavily on Autism Acceptance.

Volume 01, Issue 03
In this issue, released in January 2023, we featured several Little Red Hen employees who have recently earned promotions, as well as some familiar faces who have hit huge milestones in their long careers. We also shared our resolutions for the new year, important news related to Social Security, and how people with disabilities are represented on television.

Volume 01, Issue 02
This issue of the Little Red Hen Community Newsletter, released on November 20, 2022, is focused on the holiday season and the spirit of giving. It promotes 2022’s returned Breakfast with Santa as well as the Holiday Crawl sale throughout our stores. Not only that, but it celebrates the promotions of two of our hardworking employees, as well as some good news from the clothing store Kohl’s, and the United States government.

Volume 01, Issue 01
In this issue, released in August 2022, we took a moment to remember the landmark changes that the Americans with Disabilities Act brought about. This issue also featured our Winner Wellness Wednesday program, some of the local brands that Little Red Hen carries, and an in-depth look into our vintage store. This edition's Employee Spotlight highlights Bailey W., and the Watering Can offers tips on pest management.

Meet the Team

Bailey W.
Hello! My name is Bailey, and I wear a few different hats working on the newsletter. I write the Watering Can and help contribute to other articles, as well as helping with review and editing the newsletter in general. I also design some of the graphics in the newsletter and take photographs where needed. My favorite part of it all is writing the Watering Can. It might be tricky sometimes, but I enjoy it a lot and always end up learning something new.

Julian P.
My name is Julian P. As a writer for the Little Red Hen newsletter, my job has been to interview and write about some of our employees, new and old, for our Employee Spotlight. When I’m not working for LRH, I enjoy writing fiction, and my time spent writing for Little Red Hen has helped expand my creative writing skills. For this reason, I cannot thank LRH enough for their employment of me.

Sam Di.
I'm Sam Di., a writer at Little Red Hen. I work at several Little Red Hen locations during the average week, including the Annex, where I write articles for the newsletter. In my spare time, I like to play video games, take walks, write stories, and watch movies. I also enjoy practicing martial arts and fencing.

Jodi D.
Hi, my name is Jodi D. I have been working with Little Red Hen for 10 years now. I started my time with Little Red Hen at our vintage store. I worked at Vintage Hen for 7 years. Today, I work at the HOME annex on our community newsletter. My responsibilities for the newsletter include researching and reporting news stories that are particularly impactful for people with disabilities. I also hand-pick healthy recipes for our newsletter and blog.

Juan Pe.
My name is Juan Pe., and I’m a writer for the Little Red Hen newsletter. My main focus has been researching and writing articles that relate to the world of disabilities. A few things about myself are that I like to play video games, do puzzles, watch movies, and spend time with family and friends.

Garrett G.
I’m Garrett, an Instructor at Little Red Hen, as well as a writer and editor for our community newsletter. It’s my job to assist the team in deciding what topics they would like to write about, and what’s the best way to go about the writing process. I’m incredibly proud of how much work our team has put into the Little Red Hen community newsletter.

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