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Supportive Employment

We believe that any adult persons with developmental disabilities* are in the best position to describe their own capabilities and needs, to speak or communicate for themselves, and to make their own decisions.

By recognizing abilities instead of focusing on inabilities, Little Red Hen provides quality in all things we offer to the community.

Children with developmental disabilities and their peers are offered opportunities to interact and learn alongside us. Using self-advocacy strategies, we teach in a safe healthy environment.

We do not pay below minimum wage because we believe that it helps develop better self-esteem and is crucial in fighting poverty in the developmentally disabled community.

ALL PEOPLE NEED TO ENJOY THEIR CHOSEN OCCUPATIONS and be allowed to make significant contributions to their communities.

Our Community-Supported Employment emphasizes service, learning, and choice as the directing force behind each employee’s Individual Service Plan (ISP). Informed choices are based upon individual needs, desires, circumstances, and opportunities.

*and their caregivers.

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