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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It's that time of year when all of our locations start busting out their Christmas and seasonal treasures! We love the holiday season and all of our sweet Christmas collectibles at Vintage Hen. Upon setting up our seasonal displays, we realized how much of our holiday inventory we have sold over the year and decided that was the perfect excuse for another pickin' trip to find more! Gus, Natalie, and Darcie headed off to the Sacramento area in search of some new and unique holiday items for our store. Their first stop was what was rumored to be the "mother of all flea markets," Denio's in Roseville.


Picking tip: It's a good idea to bring your own bags and packing material to flea markets, you never know how much you will end up finding and quit often, packing will not be provided.


This place was FANTASTIC! It was like Disneyland for pickers! We combed through every booth---well, every booth except this one.


And we ended up with so many great items, we could hardly carry them all back to the car!


Denio's was a complete success! We did find a few holiday items, but we weren't satisfied just yet. We continued towards Sacramento on our hunt for more, but not before pulling over to the Goodwill we spotted along the way. image[3]

Natalie reminded us that Goodwill's have all of their Christmas items separated during this time of year, which really helped our search. We headed to the holiday section first, but of course we had to check out the whole store as well.


And sweet Goodwill goodness!! We hit the jackpot! Not one, but TWO carts completely full of amazing treasures! We will definitely be returning to the Roseville Goodwill, that place was the bee's knees!


After hitting up a few more thrift stores along the way, we were finally satisfied once our car was filled to the brim. We will soon be adding over a hundred items to our store, so be sure to come into Vintage Hen and check us out on Etsy It was a great adventure and we cannot wait to show off all of our newest additions!

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