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Aspiring Gardener's- Succulents

Hello, and welcome back! In this week’s post, we’ll be talking about a particular kind of plant: succulents. As much as they’ve become popular starting plants for new gardeners in recent years, many people still struggle with when to water them. While it is true that they do not need to be watered constantly, and only every now and then, it is not only when they are watered that matters, but how they are watered as well. Succulents tend to live in arid environments with infrequent but intense rainfall. Watering your succulents should follow a similar path, though less extreme. Before watering, though, check that your succulent is planted in well-draining soil and that if it’s in a pot, the pot has a drainage hole. When the soil the succulent is planted in is completely dry, water it until it is completely soaked. This will encourage the succulent to form a deep, well-established root system, making it more drought-resistant and limiting the number of times it needs to be watered, as well as keeping it happy and healthy. Happy planting and see you next week!


Posted by Fran H

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