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National Eliminate Racial Discrimination Day

The 21st of March is "Eliminate Racial Discrimination" Day. Discrimination is the unfair treatment of someone usually especially based on race, gender, or age. This day was started because of violence that occurred in Sharpeville, South Africa during a peaceful protest on March 21st, 1960. Everyone deserves to be seen as strong and capable, no matter their race, sex or able bodiedness. 

The disabled community here in Chico may have experienced some form of discrimination. This is also known as Ableism, a type of discrimination that targets disabled individuals, keeping them from finding or keeping jobs. This is Why Little Red Hen is so important. Little Red Hen employs over 175 adults with disabilities through its Supportive Employment Programs and does not pay under minimum wage. 

People with autism or other mental conditions are sometimes treated unfairly. They can be bullied because of their difference or perceived weakness. Women have also been treated as lesser than men, once again because of perceived weakness. A study suggests that discrimination may even lead to individuals getting substandard or improper health care or other basic services that should be a human right. Even to this day Discrimination has a high role in violence all across the globe. 

Whatever form discrimination takes, whether it be racism, ableism, or sexism,  it is something that needs to be stood against. We all have differences, we all need to remember the wise words of Temple Grandin, "Different, not less." We deserve to be treated fairly regardless of our differences. Let us all work to create a better world that doesn't have discrimination. We can do better and encourage others to do the same.    

Posted by Sam Dickenson

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