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Our Park and Garden is always growing, from squash to sculptures! A recent addition to the mix was our custom hen house. We filled it with little chicks and now we have fully laying hens. The hen house looked a little dull in our fabulously colorful Park & Garden, so of course we had to do something about that. We thought mosaic was the way to go to make it more interesting. Mosaic is always a fun, delightful project big and small. We've done various large projects in the past and have been very happy with the results. Mosaic isn't as difficult as one may think, but it does require a lot time, patience, and creativity. We start out by taking damaged ceramic items and cutting them down into smaller pieces. We use new ceramics as well as vintage. LITTLE RED HEN-Park and Garden

Next we strategically design the pattern and place the pieces down on a sheet of netting panel over saran wrap. When our panel's design is complete, they are then glued down. The saran wrap makes it so the glue doesn't stick to anything else.

LITTLE RED HEN-Park and Garden

LITTLE RED HEN-Park and Garden

After everything has been glued to the panel, it is placed on the side of the structure with adhesive. Once it dries, all that is left to do is grout. LITTLE RED HEN-Park and Garden

Okay, one last final touch... a succulent garden roof. Because it had to be, that's why :) LITTLE RED HEN-Park and Garden

And there you have it, one happy little hen house! We hope this inspires you to start a creative project of your own, especially since the weather has been so wonderful.

LITTLE RED HEN-Park and GardenLITTLE RED HEN-Park and Garden

For more information about what we do and to donate to our Park & Garden, visit

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