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Creative Customers: A Cameo Creation Collection

We love it when customers tell us how happy they are to have found items in our shop. We often receive great stories and photos, and it's so wonderful to ship some one an item that is perfectly unique for them and that they absolutely must have. Since we have so many items and we ship anywhere, every once in awhile we will get a message letting us know our item is being featured in a range of ways, from a cooking show, an advertizement photo shoot, to a big elaborate engagement plan (story in a previous blog.) It's so exciting! A woman named Melissa just shot us a convo on Etsy after purchasing one of our Cameo Creations about how her wall was now complete. icm_fullxfull.60249195_2jpeypapxg6cksw0k88k Isn't this such a gorgeous idea? We love it! Melissa's niece loved it so much too. She picked out SIX more items from our collection to help her niece assemble her own! It's great to see all the creative things people think of to display :) Thanks for sharing, Melissa.  We would love to see a photo of your niece's wall when it is all put together!

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