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Oh, The Places a Picker Will Go- Oregon Road Trip

We left sunny Chico at 8:00 A.M and began to head towards our final destination, Eugene Oregon. We made our first stop in Anderson, CA and tried our luck at an antique store called Marigold Antique and Collectibles. The manager’s name is Debbie. She was very nice and helpful with our questions. IMG_4372

They had a big wall of Cuckoo clocks ad so much more to enjoy browsing through. The store was very organized and we found so many treasures. Not too shabby for our first stop!

IMG_4373  IMG_4371

Not to mention, they had the largest collection of Jewel Tea we have ever seen! Then we stopped at Beverly Hills Thrift Store located at 3011 East Center Street in Anderson.  Rena, the owner, was extremely helpful, and we ended up purchasing some animal figurines and dishes. The store was filled with lots of interesting items to pick from. The third stop was in Anderson, CA where we stopped at ETC Thrift Store. The owners are two sisters Jean and Elsie, they were very helpful and pleasant to be around. We purchased some planters, vases, plate stands and much more. It was a lovely store with a lot of amazing items.IMG_4376 We went to another thrift store in Anderson called His Thrift Shop. The owners Audrey and Ivan were extremely nice to us. There was a really cute frog doorbell that greeted us with a croak when we walked in. Ivan had a great sense of humor and gave us some good deals. IMG_4379 IMG_4378

We got back on the road and stopped in Yreka, CA. We stopped at Another’s Treasure it was lovely, the owners of the store Russ and Pamela were very helpful showing us around and answering our questions. We found beautiful cookie jars, figurines and much more, all so beautifully displayed. Pamela and Russ had so many fantastic items and gave us such good deals, we will definitely be back to pick there in the future! IMG_4380

Day 2: We made it to Oregon. Our first stop was in Medford where we stopped at the Salvation Army. We met Sharon, the owner, who was very helpful. We bought some furniture, dishes and a few more little things. Two helpful men Norm and Frank helped us load the furniture we bought into the trailer.

      Picking is no easy task, and it can really work up an appetite. We tried Vietnamese food for the first time and were blown away! We met some really nice people there, the food and the service were amazing and we had some great conversation with the owners Yung and Kim Hang. IMG_4386 IMG_4385

A great thrift store in Grants Pass called Home For Good Finds Charity Shop had some really nice items to choose from. We purchased sets of glassware, plates, and other dishes. The owner Telo helped point us to some other good thrift stores in the area. We found a magazine rack we can't wait to upcycle! IMG_4387

We went to G.G’s Antiques and Thrift Store in Eugene. We spent a lot of time talking with the owners Michelle and John. They were really great and gave us some excellent deals. We ended up buying so many of their brooches and a few figurines. They told us great stories about some of the items and taught us about hair receivers. We always wondered what those little porcelain boxes were for! Can you believe it was normal to save your hair after brushing to make into art and other useful household items? IMG_4391 IMG_4390

Yes, this is hair.


We went to the Oregon Antique Mall in Eugene, where we bought pins and brooches. They had nice people working there and the store was well organized, the owners were named Penny and Donna they were hilarious and so nice.

On our way back to Chico, we treated ourselves to a fantastic breakfast in Ashland called Morning Glory. It was one of the best breakfasts we have ever had. Morning Glory comes highly recommended by the pickers at Vintage Hen! IMG_2192

We headed back to Chico, feeling satisfied with our full trunk and trailer, but we had to stop at one more place, and we're glad we did. IMG_2189

Well, that's it for now. Come to the store to see all the new awesome items for yourself! Until next time, this is Jodi and Natalie signing off!

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