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Welcome back to another week of plant advice with the Aspiring Gardener! This time, we’re talking less about the plants themselves, and more about what you’re planting them in. Soil has four main components in minerals, water, organic matter, and air that allow plants and microorganisms to grow in it. The differences between the exact composition and ratio of these components create different kinds of soils that allow for different kinds of plants to thrive in them. As mentioned in last week’s post, succulents thrive in well-draining soils. These soils are more sandy or chalky, with larger grained and grittier soil that lets water drain easily through it without swamping the succulent’s root systems. Meanwhile, silty soil has a more difficult time draining water but has a higher mineral content from the large quantities of silt in the soil. This makes silty soil ideal for vegetable and grain crops, as seen by the abundance of agriculture that got its start in the silty soil surrounding rivers. As long as adequate drainage is provided, silty or loamy soils are ideal for gardening. Just be sure to take care of them! Utilize fertilizers where necessary, or add minerals or nutrients through compost and new soil. Eggshells can be an excellent source of minerals for your garden’s plants. Stay safe, and happy planting!

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