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Aspiring Gardener- Christmas Tree Tips

Hello, and welcome back to another week with the Aspiring Gardener! The Christmas tree season is obviously upon us. It’s important to remember when bringing these wonderful plants into our homes that they’re still alive and need care too, lest they end up a dried out husk. It’s important to cut the bottom inch of the trunk and open up the tree’s pores so it can absorb water, and then place it in water as soon as possible afterwards.

After that, it’s important to keep the tree watered and never let the tree’s water supply fall below the bottom of its trunk. If you want to replant your Christmas tree, make sure it has a living root ball that hasn't been cut or damaged, and that you keep it well-watered and not dried out. The warm, dry air within homes can damage trees, making it important to keep them in cool, sheltered areas away from any vents or fireplaces.

As soon as Christmas has passed, it’s time to replant the tree! If you live in a colder area where the ground is not suitable for planting at the time, then it’s possible to wait by placing mulch around the base of the tree and setting it aside until the ground warms up enough for planting to be possible. If the tree came in a pot, it’s a simple matter of taking the tree outside or into a garage to acclimate the tree and continuing to water it until next year, when it can be repotted and used as a Christmas tree once again.

Trees in pots can also be replanted in the ground, following similar rules as those bought without pots. However, it’s important to know whether you truly want the tree, as many Christmas tree favorites grow well over 20 meters in height, with the noble fir surpassing 40 meters in maturity. I

f you do not want to replant your tree, there are many ways to use or dispose of it after Christmas, such as transforming it into a living bird feeder, using the needles and branches to make lovely smelling decorations or bags, and more! Whatever you decide, keep that tree watered, and happy planting! 

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