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Aspiring Gardener's- Did You Know?

Hello again and welcome back to another bout of plant advice! This week we’re talking about pests. There are many different kinds of pests, from the smallest aphid to that deer that keeps chowing down on your cabbage. Depending on the pest, different measures should be taken.

Deer, rabbits, and other similar pests can be stopped by placing a fence around your garden. For deer, the fence must be at least eight feet high to prevent them from simply jumping over it. Rabbits are slightly trickier, as a finer mesh attached to the bottom of the fence helps, but it is even better if it is partially buried and embedded in the ground to prevent them from burrowing in. This won’t stop any determined burrower, but that’s where repellents come in. Spray or dust your plants, gardening beds, and fences with repellent to further prevent damage.

Insects, however, require different methods. Repellents can be sprayed, but those aren’t the only options. Companion planting, the process of planting different plants next to each other to deter pests and draw in helpful insects, is an age-old method of helping your garden thrive. Lacewings and ladybugs can be attracted to a variety of herbs and flowering plants, including many of those in the carrot family. Herbs work wonderfully for repelling a variety of insect species, depending on the herb. Rosemary, marigold, tansy, and mint are some of the most widely used plants for bug deterrents, though they don’t repel every insect. If you’re looking to repel mosquitos, citronella and lavender are common options that also happen to smell pretty great as well.

So stay safe, have fun planting, and see you next week!


Posted by Fran H

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