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Aspiring Gardeners- It's the Ripe Time for Planting

Welcome back to Little Red Hen’s plant advice column! The temperatures are still soaring, but that doesn’t mean planting has to stop.

The time is ripe to seed carrots, lettuce, and rutabaga. When doing so, consider planting them in a container indoors, whether in a greenhouse or your own home. Doing so guarantees a safe environment free from wildlife that might otherwise eat the seeds, as well as protects them from the summer sun for just that little bit longer. It’s still possible to plant plants like green beans, melons, and squash, just from seedlings rather than seeds.

Summer vegetables aren’t the only crops ready to be planted. Some fall crops can be planted indoors for a good head start, like beets, cabbage, kale, peas, and spinach. As they grow, you can harden them to the outside environment and prepare them for being planted outside.

Be careful though, as high temperatures may last deep into September, making it all the more important to monitor your plants' initial growing period. Check whether the soil is dry, and water as needed, usually once a day. Bear in mind that the Cal Works water limitations are in effect, limiting your options for watering your plants. Wood chips are wonderful for keeping moisture locked in the soil, helping keep water costs down and your plants happy. Happy planting, everyone!

Posted by Fran H

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