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Aspiring Gardner- 'Tis the Season for Frost Cloth

Attention aspiring gardeners! We'd like to quickly remind you to keep an eye on the temperature each night. Obviously, the weather has taken a cold turn, and as we head deeper into fall and winter, it will be increasingly important to make sure you are able to prepare your plants.

Future editions of this blog will go more in depth into cold-season plants and the best practices for taking care of them. For today, we'd like to encourage you all to pick up some frost cloth. If you didn't know, frost cloth is crucial when it comes to protecting certain kinds of plants from the cold. Our Little Red Hen Nursery team tends to wrap up their citrus, succulents, and other cold-sensitive plants when a frost is expected.

If you are in need, you can pick up brand new rolls of Frost cloth at our nursery.

Stay warm out there, and we'll see you next week

Posted by Fran H

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