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Blanca M. In Special Olympics

Here at Little Red Hen we are incredibly proud of all of our members who participate in the Special Olympics. In fact, we are so proud, our excitement can’t fit in just one form of media. Check out both our official July newsletter as well as our brand new community newsletter to find out more about our team members' roles in the Special Olympics. You can check here every Wednesday and Friday to find out more about each participant. 

First up Blanca M. from our floral location

Blanca has been participating in the Special Olympics for years. She has competed in a wide range of sports. Blanca has done basketball, bowling, golf, throwing and running. For running events, Blanca typically does the 400 meter race. Blanca just recently competed in the special olympics games in Santa Clara, CA. For the future, Blanca plans to keep competing and she encourages others to do so as well. Why? "For fun"

Posted by Gabrielle Green

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