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Perennials are Poppin' at the Nursery

At Little Red Hen, we believe that plants should not only bring color into our clientele’s lives, but happiness as well. These plants offer physical and mental health benefits too. And many of the plants at our nursery, such as coreopsis golden stardust, are perennial, drought resistant plants that can still bloom even in the heat of summer, making this the perfect time for them.

In fact, some of the flowers can also provide nectar for the feeders intended for hummingbirds. All the beautiful fragrances, vibrant colors, and potential health benefits mean these plants are perfect for anyone’s garden. Stop by and visit Little Red Hen Nursery at the corner of 8th and Wall Streets! Open daily ~ Tuesday thru Saturday 9-6 and Sunday, Monday 9-5. See you soon!

Check out these beauties at our Nursery!


Posted by Julian P.

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