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Bringing New Life To Vintage Furniture

Refurbishing vintage furniture has become one of the most popular tasks to work on for the staff members of Vintage Hen.  "I love painting old things to look new," said Taryn H. of Vintage Hen. There’s something special about breathing new life into an old and forgotten piece of furniture, and with a little effort you can transform that eye-sore in the corner of the room into a gorgeous piece of art.

Taryn paintingThe staff here at Little Red Hen really enjoy finding a funky pieces of long-neglected furniture and turning them into something that shows off our style and personality. The best part of this journey might just be when staff see a customer come into the shop and fall in love with their make-over efforts, a now unique and beautiful piece of furniture that is about to find it's new home.  Micheal H. of Vintage Hen finds refurbishing the furniture to be "therapeutic and constructive."

Kyle Sam and Micheal touching up refurbished piece of furniture

How It's Done
Pieces are cleaned up and transformed using chalk paints. Chalk paints take most of the prep work out of refurbishing furniture because they contain ingredients that help them stick to any surface. "I love being able to teach the Staff all about painting and guide them as we figure out how to make each and every piece unique and beautiful," said Sam S., Vintage Painting Instructor. The Maison Blanche chalk paints we use are also very environmentally friendly and non toxic; you can even use the paint right in your living room and there are no fumes to deal with.

Taryn brushing off excess paint.

Tip: Use a rubber band around your Maison Blanche chalk paint canister to remove excess paint from your paint brush and avoid creating drips on your furniture.

tip for brushing off excess paint.

Looking for quality chalk paint for your next project? The Vintage Hen , located at 973 East Avenue Suite J, carries the best, Maison Blanche chalk paint, in a variety of colors, and our staff love helping their customers find the perfect combination for their painting projects.

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