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Down Memory Lane- Vintage Fisher Price Toys

Hi, I’m Alice R. and I love all things vintage! Lucky for me, Little Red Hen has a fantastic vintage store. Every Saturday I plan to take you on a trip down memory lane to explore the fascinating history behind some of the items that vintage has to offer. 

Fisher-Price Collection: It’s been nearly 100 years since Fisher-Price opened their iconic toy line. I absolutely had to talk about these toys that have shaped generations, and that can be found right here at Little Red Hen.

Fisher Price began selling their toys in 1931, the same year that the Empire State Building conquered the New York skyline and that the Star Spangled Banner became our national anthem. 

Fisher Price has a unique and incredibly recognizable design. Of course, their brand is still carried today in stores all across the nation. I love the classic Fisher Price items that we sell at Vintage, such as a Music Box Ferris Wheel, a Farmer Speak N' Say, and a toy Chatter Telephone.

I spent countless hours dragging that chatter telephone around my childhood home. Seeing it at Little Red Hen Vintage warms my heart and brings back memories, as I’m sure it does for many 80’s kids.

When Fisher Price put out their first toy collection, known as the 16-Hopefuls, who knew their brand would be so eternal? When toy creator Herman Fisher joined with Helen Schelle, manufacturer Irving Price, and illustrator Margaret Evans Price, who knew how iconic the brand would become?

You are all welcome to check out the toys we have to offer at Little Red Hen Vintage, and I would love for you to tell me about your favorite childhood toys in the comments!

Thanks for taking a quick trip down memory lane with me.


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