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Earth Day 2019

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It's time to celebrate the earth. This beautiful planet gives us so much, food, water, and material for everyday use. So why not give something back and try to help it in return? On April 22nd, it is Earth Day.

Earth Day is a holiday where we do things that can help the planet. There are many things each of us can do to help. We have caused pollution, deforestation, and destruction of species all across the world. Unless we do something to prevent these things what will happen, to the world and us? Something terrible, as the world suffers, we suffer with it. So it's up to us to make things better for ourselves and all the living things that share the earth with us. 

For Earth Day (or practically any day) we can...

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Plant something

Trees can clean the air and create more oxygen. Plant one in your yard, it will make it look great and give the air around your house a good clean. You can also do things with fruits and vegetables for something healthy to eat. By having more things homegrown you can also reduce the amount of fossil fuel emissions caused by transporting food to stores. You can find lots of plants at our Nursery or Park & Garden, come by and find something that suits your taste. If you need any gardening tools we will likely have some at our Tools and Trade as well. 

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Arts and Crafts

Something that can be lots of fun is to work on an art project or craft of some kind. Birdhouses, paintings of planet earth, or even crafts made from recyclable materials are all great things to do on Earth Day. We have many materials for art at our Gift Shop on East Avenue. 

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Ride your bike, carpool, or walk

If you are able to, use your bike instead of driving a car to where you are going. Cars might be quicker, but if it's a short enough trip to be a 15 min bike ride or so then don't bother with the car unless its time essential. Another option is to walk if you are really super close like going to visit a neighbor. Or if you are going to a place with a group of friends, see if one of them can give you a ride so you aren't putting gas into the air.  

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Let your voice be heard

Don't stay silent about things you see in the environment you are passionate about. If you feel there are certain legislatures that need to be passed or a cause that needs help, sign a petition or write to your local representative. We can only help this planet if we band together and take action. 

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Use a refillable water bottle

Instead of using disposable plastic water bottles try using reusable ones like Klean Kanteens, which we have for sale in our Kitchen Store. Reduce the amount of plastic that needs to be recycled. Each year over a million barrels of oil are used to create bottles which eventually end up in the landfills. Come visit our Kitchen Store on East Avenue, get yourself a Klean Kanteen and limit your use of plastic bottles. 

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Go for a Walk

What better way to celebrate nature than going out into it and admiring its beauty. If you've done something you feel can help the planet at any point this year, take a well earned day off and go into One or Five Mile here in Chico. The parks are a beautiful place to take a walk and have fun. Admire all the greenery and the peace within the park.  

Earth Day is the time to think of doing these things. Have yourself a fun day in nature, get something done that will benefit the environment. Have a nice green day!

Posted by Sam Dickenson

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