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Eat Better, Feel Better

Healthy Staff is a new program being started here at Little Red Hen. It goes across all LRH locations to encourage staff to be more happy and healthy this year. A big part of Healthy Staff is teachable food demos and we recently had one over at Plant Nursery, with Little Red Hen staff from multiple locations on hand to check it out. 


We're kicking fast food to the curb thanks to a fun and informative visit from Kevin of Cultivating Community North Valley. He treated us to a delicious recipe for Vegetarian Tacos with a little help from Edible Petal, their mobile food cart. With healthy ingredients in hand, Kevin with Little Red Hen Park & Garden Instructor Blake began showing us how to make our own easy and healthy tacos. 

Blake reminded everyone that as with any food prep, it's always a good idea to wash your hands thoroughly. Kevin began dicing up the carrots and beets with a cheese grater as Blake set out the chard, which was provided by our green-thumbed employees at Plant Nursery. 

As he began cooking the soy chorizo, we all couldn't wait to get our hands (and our teeth) on those awesome tacos. The smell of the cooking black beans from Edible Petal's propane-powered burners made us all eager as we began lining up to get a taste. After enjoying a healthy easy-to-make meal, everyone was encouraged to take home some fresh chard from Park & Garden.

Everyone had a great time learning, growing, and eating together. While making better choices and a conscious decision to eat better, we can all take steps to be healthier and feel better in 2017. Check out the recipe below to start making delicious vegetarian tacos!


You’ll need:







Corn Tortillas

Soy Chorizo

Black Beans



  • Cook your Chorizo on medium heat until you get it how you like it.
  • Dice up your veggies using a cheese grater
  • Wrap your toppings in a chard or tortilla shell

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