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Floral Design Day

February 28th is Floral Design Day! The age-old practice of arranging flowers and plant materials into a pleasing composition or design is celebrated. This is the perfect day to find a new creative way to express different colors and flowers together. 

Whether you plan to take part in Floral Design Day, our experts over at Little Red Hen Floral & More can lend a hand, or be a source of inspiration you need to light your creative spark.  Beautiful hand-crafted arrangements like The Purple Elegance is just the start of what you can find there. Stop by Little Red Hen Floral & More and ask Joelle or Angela for details. They can teach you to make lovely floral creations for Floral Design Day or at any time of the year.  When it comes to being creative, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. 

 Little Red Hen offers classes for Floral Designs to people around the holidays for wreath making and centerpieces. We also make vases, make containers for our plants and other things. Many of our five locations have supplies that can help you unlock the floral designer within. 

Posted by Sam Dickenson

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