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Getting To Know You- Meet Mike F.

Michael "Mike" F. is a Little Red Hen employee who’s good at multitasking. Not only does Mike work for the HOME annex to help figure out our finances, but he also hosts his own radio show on North State Public Radio. Mike is a man who exemplifies cultural knowledge to the extreme. Mike's radio show hosts classical music throughout much of the North State. Mike's love of music is clear, as he is quick to play music in the office. Mike's love of music and his talent as a radio show host are only two things that define him. There is plenty more than that to demonstrate what kind of person he is.

Research and education about eating right and exercising are two other things that point to who Mike is. He takes his health and exercise very seriously, to the point where he chooses to ride his bike to work rather than drive or take the bus. This makes him an avid cyclist.

Since April 2008, Mike has enjoyed working for the Little Red Hen financial department. Among his favorite parts of the job are organizing and taking account of all credit card receipts. Overall, Mike F. is a man who demonstrates and exemplifies caution and integrity when it comes to his work ethic. Mike is thoughtful, meticulous, diligent, and a valuable member of Little Red Hen.

Check us out next week to learn about more Little Red Hen team members.


Posted by Fran H

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