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Hot Gardening Tips for Beginners

Starting or maintaining a Garden is something that many people do in the summertime. Gardening promotes clean air as well as helps people destress. While it can be relaxing, there is some work to bear in mind, especially in the summertime. Not sure where to start? You can stop by Little Red Hen Plant Nursery to get some advice on how what kind of garden you are looking for, and more importantly, what you want to plant. Whether you are growing vegetables or planting succulents, flowers or other greenery, it is a good place to get some starter plants and mulch to get you started. Read on below for some more tips to help you along the way. 

 Choose the Perfect Spot

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When starting a garden, location is key. This will depend greatly on how much sun your plants will need. Too little and they will suffer, and too much much and they will become oversaturated and may wilt and die. You also need a location that has plenty of sunlight, you don't want a spot that prevents sunlight from getting to the plants that may need up to 6 hours of sunlight a day. 

Water is also something you'll need to see if your ideal source has a hose nearby or if you can have a water source built near it so you don't have to carry a bucket of water to them every time they need to drink. Finally, you need a location with great soil with nutrients for the plants to grow.

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You need to know the right time to plant your plants in your garden. Doing so at the wrong time can lead your crops not surviving. Planting too early (or late) in the season can spell disaster for your garden. Research when the last day of spring frost is for your area so you don't put plants at the wrong time.  

Add Some Mulch

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Apply around 2 to 3 inches of mulch around each plant. This will lessen the number of weeds by blocking the sun, and reducing moisture loss through evaporation, so you don't have to use so much water. For a polished look, put down a layer of Scotts® bagged mulch. Or, you can put down straw, shredded leaves, pine straw, or some other locally available material.

  Make sure they are well watered

We know what happens when plants don't get enough water. They turn brown and will die before they produce anything good to eat. Make sure that when you water them you avoid the leaves, as wet leaves can become moldy and ruin the plant in another way.  

Go Organic

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Try to use your soil organically. Avoid fertilizer or other chemicals if you can,  Plants that are fertilized or treated with chemicals will become weaker and at greater risk of catching the disease. Planting a garden can be a great way to grow your own vegetables, or add some greenery or flowers into your own backyard--literally. Don't wait any longer--start your green thumb adventure today!

Posted by Sam Dickenson

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