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Little Red Hen Hobbies: What do you Enjoy?

In this blog post series, we asked our employees at Little Red Hen what they enjoy doing in their free time. Here is what Rebecca R. of the Little Red Hen Home store and A.J. R. from our nursery had to say.

 Rebecca R.

1. What do you like doing outside of work?

I enjoy hiking. Mainly in Upper and Lower Bidwell Park, as well as the Highway 32 area.

2.What do you enjoy most about hiking?

I enjoy just being outside; it also gives me the feeling of accomplishing something.

3. Would you recommend others start hiking? What tips would you offer?

I would recommend that anyone try it out. I would say if you’re new to hiking, just start out easy and don’t go alone. Always go hiking with a partner.


Rebecca R. isn’t the only Little Red Hen employee who enjoys the outdoors. The Little Red Hen Nursery is a great place to pick up necessary planting materials as well as valuable gardening tips, something that nursery instructor A.J. R. knows firsthand. If you are interested in trying out your home gardening skills, come over to our plant nursery, located at the corner of East 8th and Main Street.


A.J.  R. 

 1. What activities do you enjoy doing most outside of work?

I enjoy planting and doing various yard work around my home, as well as visiting the farmer’s market and hosting game nights on weekends.

2. What do you enjoy most about yard work?

I’ve always been involved with outdoor work. I grew up living on a farm. I enjoy planting and have a lot of greenery inside and outside my house.

3. Would you recommend planting as a hobby?

Having greenery is definitely a positive thing for anyone. I’d recommend it to people who are looking to try it and put their green thumb to use. You may end up enjoying it.

 4. You also said you play board games. Should people try to do that more often?

I’d recommend people play board games once in a while. It’s a good change of scenery from modern electronics.


A.J. also enjoys collecting antiques; however, he warns that it can be a very expensive hobby. Luckily, our vintage store has A.J. covered by offering a variety of rare antiques at affordable prices.

The Little Red Hen Vintage Store is located at 215 Main Street, just blocks away from our nursery. Feel free to stop by either store, and keep your eyes peeled for other Little Red Hen locations along the way.

Posted by Gabrielle Green

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