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Mothers Day

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Mother's day is coming soon on Sunday, May 12th. So we would like to help you think about what you can do with your mom. Whether adoptive, biological, or that special woman who has filled the role of mom in your life, mom's are important. Mom's nurtured us when we were little by reading stories, feeding us, rocking us, and teaching us to be kind.  


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Since this is a holiday about mothers you should put your effort into giving her a good day today. Do something she likes. Think about your mom and how she likes to relax. Some moms enjoy gardening, so you could get her some plants from our Plant Nursery and spend the afternoon gardening. Some moms like to cook, so grab her some gear from our Kitchen Store and explore some new recipes. A gift that fits mom's interest can go a long way to making the day special for her. 

Another way to make mom feel special is to spend time with her, especially if you don't live at home anymore! No matter how old you are mom will always enjoy the gift of your company. There are many things you can do with your mother. If your mom likes the outdoors, try going on a picnic in the park. If mom likes antiquing, take her to our Vintage Store downtown and hunt with her for that perfect vintage mother's day gift. 

If your mother wants to do something on Mother's Day that you aren't you're particularly keen on, just go with the flow. It is her day after all not yours. As much as we love our mothers we do occasionally have to do things that are not our favorite things to do for them. LIke helping around the house or working in the garden. Helping out mom can be a great way to repay her for all the times she's cleaned up your messes. 

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There are many things you can do with or for your mom on her day. Hike, make her breakfast in bed, go to lunch or a picnic, have dinner, share a drink, go out on a pleasure trip somewhere, a family bike ride, or you can work on crafting something together. If you have siblings try to include them in your plans as well and share the love you all have for your mom!Image result for gifts for mom

In addition to doing something with your mother on mother's day, you should also do something for her. Most moms appreciate a nice floral bouquet as a way of saying "I love you!" We have some great floral arrangements at our Floral Shop that she is sure to love, or you can come in for a custom arrangement to make suit your mom's unique tastes.

If flowers aren't up your mom's alley or you just want to spoil her you can get her a gift like a candle, some jewelry, or some piece of home decor that she might like to have. Come check out our Gift Shop for various beauty products, purses, accessories, and candles. Our five retail locations will have anything your mom might like. Come check our stores out for your Mother's Day needs. 


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There are many different ways to show the mom in your life how much you love and appreciate her. Whether is spending time with her, helping her around the house or showering her with gifts Little Red Hen is here to help you make your mom's Mother's Day a memorable one. 

Posted by Sam Dickenson

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