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New Year Resolutions

 Reflecting on the past can help us see what areas of our lives could use some improvement. We are all human and make mistakes but learning from those mistakes can help us to become better people. Making New Years Resolutions are an opportunity for growth and improvement.

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Many people choose the start of the New Year to make positive changes to your their health such as drink less alcohol, quit smoking, exercise more, and get more sleep. Healthier living can help increase the number of new years you get to celebrate, and physical changes can increase your psychological and mental health in the long run.  Our lives change when our habits change so perhaps consider some healthier habits in the new year.


If your reflection of the past year revealed some bad habits you have picked up maybe think of eliminating those bad habits this year. If you are procrastinator make a resolution to do your necessary tasks before having fun. On the other hand, if you work too much set aside some time for family, friends, and fun. Life is about balance and rooting out those bad habits that knock your life out of balance can help make you happier and healthier. Remember that dropping bad habits and picking up healthy habits takes time and repetition so if you mess up one day, don't worry about it. Acknowledge you didn't reach your goal for that day but pick it up and begin again on the next and continue your journey to being the best version of yourself that you can be. 


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Being a better you may lead you to consider some changes you can make in your own community to make where you live a better place for you and others. Many people add volunteering in the community one of their resolutions for the year. Many charities get a bump in help during the holiday season but often lack help for the rest of the year. Challenge yourself to volunteer year-round at a homeless shelter, animal shelter, or if you are local at our Lifespan Center working with children who have developmental disabilities. If you find yourself lacking the time to volunteer consider adding a monthly donation to a charity as your new year's resolution. Many charitable organizations rely on the financial generosity of others to help improve the lives of those they serve. You will receive the satisfaction of knowing your dollars are helping others.

Volunteering time or donating money may not be possible for some, but one resolution that almost everyone can make that can help improve your community is to shop locally.  Big Box stores can be a convenient one-stop-shop but shopping locally keeps up to four times the money in our local economy. When you shop local you are helping a child get dance lessons, a team journey, or helping a mom and dad put food on the table for their children. When you shop at Little Red Hen not only do you support the local Chico economy you also help provide supportive employment for developmentally disabled persons in your community. Shopping local is a New Year's resolution that has a strong impact not just on you, but on the people in your community.

Whatever resolutions you choose to do, do your best to follow through with them. Make a note to remind yourself of the things you want to do and if you need to get an accountability partner to help you reach those goals. But it's up to you yourself to take the action required to make your resolutions a reality. Happy New Year and here's to a better you and me in 2020!

Posted by Sam Dickenson

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