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Online Brings All locations together!

Online isn't just a place to buy products online, it's a great opportunity to share the message of Little Red Hen to not only our community, but the whole world. Little Red Hen Online is where "Retail with a Purpose" all comes together. 

A message worth sharing

Little Red Hen Online helps keep people informed about our programs through Little Red Every location has a Facebook page, and Online does their part to make sure every location and program is highlighted on social media and the blog. It is exciting to see all the faces behind everyone who comes together to make up our Little Red Hen family. Online also promotes LRH at Events, and through inspirational posts, encouraging positive education about autism and other developmental disabilities. 

A story told in (moving) Pictures

Little Red Hen Online takes many of the pictures you see on the website and on social media. While many of the other locations sends us the pictures you see, Online photographs many photos in house as well! This includes images of products as well as pictures of our energetic staff, both in-store and at public events. 

 These pictures are also edited by our online staff, including everything from lighting to size changes, using programs like Photoshop and LightRoom. Online also shoots and edits all the video used in Little Red Hen's production of the Wizard of Oz, as well as creating the DVD. 

Sign of the times

Little Red Hen Online creates many of the signs you see at our locations, from the graphics used in social media, emails, and more. These can be used to promote everything having to do with Little Red Hen, from sales (both online and in-store) to special events and classes.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Little Red Hen Online also manages the sale of all the products found on our boutique on Little Red Once a product is purchased online, the item is brought over or picked up from the location it came from (for example Kitchen Store, etc)  then packaged and shipped out.

Little Red Hen Online is a great place where technical design and creative ideas come together. Photography, web design, and creative writing all make up parts of a whole to bring every area of Little Red Hen under one digital roof.

Posted by Sam DeLong

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