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Wondering what do on Game Day if the pigskin isn't your thing? There's no need to treat it like its any given Sunday. With these creative alternatives, you can find the replacements to entertain your little giants and make sure your party goes the longest yard. 

Catch Up on Binge-Worthy TV. If watching the drama from a gridiron gang gives you the varsity blues, binging your favorite show is a great alternative to the big game. Wanting to catch up on Game of Thrones before the final season? Or maybe finish those episodes on the backend of your Netflix cue? You can make binge-time snack time with this handy popcorn lid.

If non-streaming is more your speed, there are a plethora of marathons to choose from, ranging from How I Met Your Mother to Law & Order. While binge-watching is fun, be sure to take steps to keep your health in check. Take frequent breaks; maybe go for a walk after a handful of episodes and make use of your pause button. 

 The Puppy Bowl 2019. Animal Planet is once again airing its annual Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. This dog show features a line of 93 puppies all adopted from shelters from the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The annual event is used to raise awareness about pet adoption and sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

Have a themed party. While having a binge party is a great idea, why not take it one step further and throw a themed party.  You can marathon a season of Cupcake Cup Wars, complete with your own cupcakes. or serve up some fancy cheeses while you catch up on Downton Abby with this official cheese paddle.

Board Games. Why not turn off the screen and use this Super Bowl Sunday as a chance to bust out some tired and true board games with some friends? These classic board games are perfect for the young or young at heart.

 With these fun pigskin alternatives at your disposal, you'll still have a reason to cheer this Super Bowl Sunday, with a little help from Little Red Hen. 



Posted by Sam DeLong

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