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The Right Tool for the Job

Little Red Hen's newest program is building toward a bright future. Over 20 new and returning staff are learning new skills and discovering the joy of working with their hands. Furniture restoration and painting is a big part of Tools and Trade, and it all begins with sanding and painting. 

Tim enjoys the solitary nature of his painting and sanding work that is a "way to work quietly and still be productive, and is a source of peace and quiet." He also enjoys being able to work on his own.

Kevin has discovered a love of creating mosaics, one of Little Red Hen's most popular handmade items. Along with mosaic stepping stones sold at Gift Shop, staff also created mosaics for our recently completed Gaudi Wall at Park & Garden.

Arrow signs being created for Vintage Hen

Furniture restoration continues to be a big part of Tools & Trade. Kyle and Bill enjoy using sanding and painting to turn old furniture into new works of vintage-inspired art. Vintage Hen also uses the massive Tools & Trade warehouse to teach furniture painting and restoration classes to staff from all Little Red Hen locations. 

Tools and Trade has also been creating signs and wall decor for many of our other locations, including Vintage Hen and Kitchen Store. As the need arises Tools and Trade will continue to grow and build with wood, paint, and even metal, making sure that whatever the job Tools and Trade is ready.

Posted by Sam DeLong

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