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Valentines Day Alternatives

Single on Valentines Day? Now is the time to embrace your singleness, do what you want, and breath a sigh of relief you don't have to come up with planning an amazing evening. An important thing to remember about Valentines Day as a single person is too not get all up in your head about it. Here are some great reasons to embrace your singleness this February 14th. 

1. Keep Your Wallet Full. Without any over-the-top plans to spend your hard earned cash on, you won't have to go broke in the middle of the month. And if you do, you can still spend that money on the person who matters. You. 

2. You can watch any movie you want. You don't have to sit home eating cake with your bare hands while you watch Love Actually. You still can if you want, but whether you are at home or at the theater choose the movie YOU want to see. Grab a few friends who are down for whatever cinematic adventure strikes your single fancy. Why not make some popcorn with this fancy lid.

3. Candy. Chocolate hearts is one of the greatest things about February 14th. Now you can buy as much as you want... for yourself. Without the guilt of eating your partner's candy, you can treat yourself to all the chocolate (or whatever you like) goodness you want. 

4. Gather your girls for Galentines Day. Take inspiration from that Parks and Rec episode that started it all, and gather all your gal-pals to clock in some quality time with the ladies. This celebration is perfect to chance to leave the boyfriends or husbands at home or bring together all the single girls in your inner circle. Ladies celebrating ladies. 

To quote Park and Rec's Leslie Knope, "It's like Lilith Fair without the angst, plus frittatas." Waffles, wine, and baked goodies are the order of the day. Check out our recipes below for Belgian Waffles and Red Velvet Cupcakes to make sure this Galentines Day is one to remember.  Bring your pals together by baking your own cupcakes or waffles. Other popular Galentine's Day events include throwing a party with your gal Fridays or even taking a day trip. 


5. Babysit for a single parent or couple that needs a night out. Being a parent is hard. Give your friends a break from their little angels by babysitting for them so they can have a well-deserved night out. 

Going forward remember that you have plenty of future Valentine's Days ahead of you. February 14th should be a day that you can be thankful for all the people in your life who love and care for you, no matter who they are. 

Posted by Sam DeLong

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