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Don't let moss grow on you during Spring Break

Spring Has Sprung 

With Spring Break coming up, kids need something to do besides sitting around playing video games and watching TV all day. Below are some activities to keep you and the kids moving during Spring Break.

Encourage the family to spend time outside. Gather your family and friends and play a game outside. Kids have so many to choose from such as tag, hide-and-seek, bike racing, and paintball to name a few. Remember your pets need exercise too so be sure to bring your dog or other pets into the fresh air too!

Camp Out. Whether you go to the forest or just put a tent out in your backyard to pretend it's the forest, it can always be fun to build a fire (do not try unless supervised by an adult), roast hot dogs and marshmallows over it, then sleep in the tent or outside on the grass to look at the stars.

Read Books. When the kids are out of school, this is the perfect time to encourage a love of reading. Pick up a new classic or an old favourite and watch the time melt away. Little Red Hen has an assortment of Children's Books available and includes kids stories to activity books.

 Learn to Cook, or cook with the kids. Learning to cook up or bake your own recipes is a useful skill to have and to teach to the kids in your family. Learning your way around the kitchen alongside your family and friends can be a rewarding and fun experience. Little Red Hen has a selection of cookbooks, from recipes to growing your own vegetables. They are available at Little Red Hen Kitchen Store or at our Online Store.

Board Games & Puzzles. There are many different board games out there like chess, checkers, dice, bocce, backgammon and many more we have to offer by Wild & Wolf or EEBOO. Pick one you think looks like fun and give it a try. You get to spend time with your family, have fun and feel good. Playing board games also has some good health benefits as well. They play a very important role in child development, growing an immune system, and reducing stress.

Puzzles are a good activity to keep your mind sharp, while you may be taking a break from school. Research shows that like board games, puzzles increase problem-solving skills, self-evaluation, learning abilities, overall perception and understanding. They also serve as a form of dementia treatment, the disease which causes the brain to deteriorate. Puzzles can help the brain exercise and avoid this. So by doing these engaging games, you may very well be helping yourself in your old age. Find them at our Little Red Hen Vintage & Gift Shop, or online.


Scavenger Hunts: Something that is fun for both adults and children. Search for any group of objects in space around your house or in it. Easter is coming up so you may well have one way with Easter Eggs, which may have candies inside them so it can be very tasty. Just don’t eat too much!

Drawing. Why not spend time drawing or creating something? When the urge to be creative strikes, you can journal, sketch, and draw whatever your mind can come up with. If you need some fresh canvas, pencils and sketchbooks can be found out Little Red Hen Gift Shop, or you can order them from the Online Store .

Grow a Garden. One morning you might look at your front or back yard and say it could look better as a garden filled with lovely flowers. Well, we have plenty of books on garden making at our Kitchen Store and plants at our Nursery for your garden needs. Whether you’ve lived in your house for a long time or just moved in if you want to redecorate your yard Little Red Hen can lend a wing. And what better time to start a garden than when plants are at their most beautiful in Spring? Check out our selection of gardening books at the Gift shop or online to get you started.

Visit a Museum. School may be out during Spring Break, but learning is never turned off! Museums are a great place for learning and seeing things that are old but can still be cool like dinosaur bones. Visit our local Chico or Children’s Museum. If you decide to go on a family trip, you can also go to a Museum in that town to keep your kids learning while also having fun.

Spring Break comes with lots of free time. So find something to do and occupy that time. Both kids and adults can participate in these activities. Have Fun!

Posted by Sam Dickenson

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