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A Rose by Any other Name

June 12 is National Red Rose Day and is a great time to add this bright and timeless flower to your garden. Red roses are known for their symbolism of love and romance and many people give them as a traditional way to express love and care to their loved ones or their significant other. Red roses get their color from natural chemicals called flavonoids, which are also responsible for giving other things in nature their natural pigment, such as the orange in carrots.

Better in the summer

While roses are generally given during the time of year around and leading up to Valentines Day, which falls in the spring, these flowers actually will grow better in much warmer weather. The over 100 million Roses that are purchased for Valentines Day are transported from the southern hemisphere in refrigerated trucks to keep them from wilting. This is also why roses are often given at Graduations, which typically take place during the early part of June. 

When to Plant (and transplant) Roses

Should you decide to plant roses in your own garden, the best time to do so would be in the months of February or March. This extra time allows the roots to take a stronger hold onto the soil and will produce larger rose bushes when they crimson darlings start to bloom. If you decide to transplant your roses, the key is using a fair amount of water, about half the size of the hole. Add equal amounts peat moss, potting soil, and mulch. Add half of this mixture around the roots. 

Chances are if you are reading this, you didn't have the foresight to plant your roses ahead of time. This is a good time to let the experts at Little Red Hen Plant Nursery do the work for you. From there you can choose up to 29 different varieties of red roses from Fire N Ice to the William Shakespeare 2000. A new batch of roses is the perfect thing to add a splash of color to your garden this summer. 



Posted by Sam DeLong

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