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Summer Time In Chico

It's finally here! The hottest of all seasons, but also the most fun. The time to getting away from our comfort zones and going on new adventures, vacations, and all sorts of fun activities. There can be so much to do in Chico alone, and Little Red Hen is here to lend a wing in making your summer a great one! 

Outdoor adventures are a great time for kids to stretch their legs and get some much-needed exercise. This is also a good time for parents to spend some quality time with their kids. Summer Camps are occurring throughout Chico, and for those of you who have kids that want to spend time outside we at Little Red Hen have plenty of supplies for whatever summer enterprises await. Backpacks, water bottles, and snack containers are sure to carry everything you need if your family decides to set foot into the wilderness this Summer.  

Summer Sizzle

 Ready to cook in Summer? No one wants to turn on an oven during a hot summer day, but you can still fire up your grill. Throw on some burgers, steak, or hot dogs and hear that satisfying summer sizzle. 


Scream for Ice Cream

Or maybe you would prefer cold things, like ice cream? Nothing like a sweet and cool bite of that frozen milk to sooth you under the summer sun and have a mouthful of makeshift winter. 

Summer is a great time to stop by Shuberts! This ice cream parlor has been a Chico landmark for over 75 years. Or better yet make your own ice cream at home.

Whether you want to make something hot or cold, our Kitchen Store is filled with things you can find useful for cooking this summer. We sell Skewers for marshmallows, seasoning to give your hamburgers great flavor, and ice cream makers for homemade sweet treats. We also have some cookbooks on ice cream and summer grilling.   

Summer is Swimming Season

Chico has several good swimming holes when the weather gets hot. Sycamore pool in One Mile as well as Five. Not only is it a great source of comfort and getting away from the heat but also can be a great source of exercise and fun for both kids and adults alike.

There are many great benefits to swimming, such as increased flexibility, and is an excellent form of exercise. Swimming is one of the few full body exercises and you can burn up to 500 calories in an hour. Go down to Sycamore pool, you might meet old friends to hang out with or maybe even make new ones. In addition to taking a dip, you can bring along a picnic basket or bbq supplies to use at One Mile's bbq pits and outdoor grills. The summer sun makes things hot for you, so take a dip in a cool stream.

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Things you can only do in Chico

 Summer is a good time to visit Thursday Night Market. There are many fruits and veggies that are only in season during the summer months. Of course, don't forget to stop by Little Red Hen Plant Nursery so you can grow your own Summer fruits and veggies as well! Every week a different set of events happens to bring the community together.  

Check out an event at the Sierra Nevada Brewery. Nothing says, "only in Chico" like a fun outdoor event at the Sierra Nevada Brewery. This staple of the Chico area usually has special events all during the Summer, with cold summer-time only brews and live music. 

Take a tour of the Bidwell Mansion. Speaking of Chico staples, these year-round tours are a great opportunity to get out of the harsh sunlight and learn about some Chico area history at the same time. 

Visit MONCA (Museum of Northern California Art). This local spot of culture includes paintings, sculpture, and artwork from over 100 artists from Northern California. As an added bonus, this museum is also autism-sensory friendly. our Children's program SPROUTS highly recommends this as a spot to visit in Chico.

Fork in The Road. This gathering of food trucks in Chico's DeGarmo Park meets every third Friday of the month from April to August. The mobile food goodness goes from 5:30-8:30 pm. This foodie-centric gathering is best enjoyed if you get there early. Don't forget cash, as most of the trucks don't take credit. 

Friday Night Concert in the Park. This outdoor concert series features performances by local musicians and entertainers and runs every Friday night from May to August in the Downtown Plaza Park (the one with the fountain) from 7-8:30 pm. This kid-friendly event is a great chance to hear some great live music. Upcoming acts include Gravy Brain, Triple Tree, and Rigamarole.

Get Outta Town

If you want to get away from Chico for a while (even if you love the town) there are many places that can be visited in the areas around. So you can enjoy seeing new sights and exploring new places. Go on a hike across Lassen Park or Mount Shasta, waterskiing or boating on Lake Almanor. If you want to... feel free to go even farther on a big trip to some great resort somewhere.  

With so many things to do this summer. Have fun! Don't just sit around on your bum all day. Make sure to enjoy yourself and do something you normally don't get to do.  Get out there and make some memories!

Posted by Sam Dickenson

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