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Global Beatles Day

"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make you."

Come together and have a little fun with your friends to celebrate the cultural phenomenon that is The Beatles for Global Beatles Day. June 25th became Global Beatles Day to celebrate this day in 1967 when All You Need is Love was broadcast all around the world. The Beatles are not only an important piece of music history but left a mark on the history of the rest of the world as well. Their inspirational message of love continues to inspire generations across the world.

Studies have found that Beatles songs have been shown to help people on The Spectrum with over-stimulation and anxiety. The Beatles imaginative lyrics and easy to memorize melodies make it a good coping mechanism for those on the Spectrum. Many parents and specialists recommend Beatles 

Listen to Your Favorite Beatles Album

A quick word of mouth poll around Little Red Hen revealed that many of us had trouble choosing our favorite Beatles song because there are so many great ones to choose from. Save yourself the heartache and just stick to choosing your favorite album instead. This top ten list from Rolling Stone, places Revolver at the number one Beatles album of all time, with Abby Road and Seargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band not far behind. 

Watch the Sgt. Pepper Movie

This star-studded so bad it's good movie from 1978 is a Beegees-led mishmash of Beatles covers and tributes and includes appearances by Peter Frampton, Alice Cooper, Steve Martin, and Aerosmith.

You can also binge watch the movies featuring the fab four:
A Hard Day's Night
Magical Mystery Tour
Yellow Submarine
Let it Be

Grab some Beatles Decor 

 You don't need to ride a yellow submarine to get your ticket to find some cool Beatles decor to show off that you are a fan of The Beatles. Just head over to Little Red Hen Vintage and Gift Shop to add a touch of the Fab Four to your home with some Beatles decor.

Little Red Hen Vintage's antique pop culture frames have pictures of the famous British moptops. Our Miniature Music Boxes are gift ready and pocket-sized with Beatles tunes. There's also a lot of mod '60s inspired items and decor to make your swinging pad look fab!

If outdoor decor is more your speed you can also add some inspiration to your garden or yard with these Garden Posts and Birdhouses from Studio M featuring lyrics by Lennon and McCartney.

So whether it's playing some classic and iconic tunes or spreading the message of good cheer, celebrate Ringo and Company this June 25th with Global Beatles day with the help of Little Red Hen. 





Posted by Sam DeLong

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