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A Day for Cakes

Let Them Eat Cake! November 26th is National Cake Day! It's a day where everyone has an excuse to make a delicious confection crafted from flour, sugar and other sweet things. Not that most of us need an excuse though, right? Cakes are well-liked foods for their sweetness and rich flavor. They are also the signature treat on the birthdays of people of all ages. Before you head to Little Red Hen Kitchen Store to get everything you need for this delicious day, let's take a look at the history of this great round treat.

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Used for Religious Ceremonies

Cake has been a favorite dessert of many people since ancient times, though the earliest cakes were more like bread and sweetened with honey. These cakes were mostly used for religious purposes and in cultural ceremonies. They were usually round in shape since they were made and molded by hand. This practice traces back to ancient Greek times. The round shape was meant to be a tribute to Artemis, the goddess of the moon. The glow of lit candles represented the glow of the moon, and smoke was thought to carry to the thoughts and prayers to loved ones who had passed on. 

Symbol of Celebration

Today cakes are often symbolic food for celebration, congratulations, or commencement. Most special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings prominently feature cakes. This is especially true for Weddings, as they feature a very elaborate multi-tier cake. The act of newly married couples cutting the cake together is also symbolic, the first of many things done together in union. 

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Celebrate Cake Day

There are many ways to celebrate Cake Day, and naturally, they all involve eating cake. Cakes come in a variety of flavors and styles so you are sure to find one that everyone loves. 

Bake a Cake. This is the most obvious way to celebrate, whether or not you are a seasoned baker. Cake baking is often a child's first introduction to the oven. Involve your friends and family and make a (cake) day of it!

Invite your friends over for a cake decorating contest. Not all cakes have to be a large multi-person affair. Invite your friends over to bake their own personal-sized cake and have a cake-decorating contest. 

Bring a cake (or cupcakes) to work. Nothing breaks up a long day of work quite like the knowledge of birthday or celebratory treats await you in the break room. Bringing a cake or cupcakes makes for a great day, no matter what the occasion. 


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Get a Healthy Cake Recipe. Not all cakes have to be unhealthy. There are ways to cut back on unhealthy levels, such as using applesauce instead of sugar or fat, swapping white flour for something healthier like whole wheat, nut flour, or something else. You can also slim down the toppings, as a cake is already rich in sugar. Frosting and candy toppings only add to sugar, but there are other alternatives such as fresh whipped cream, coconut whipped cream, or meringue. You can also use fruit or antioxidant dark chocolate instead of candy or sweets on top of the frosting. Strawberries are a sweet fruit that are often served as toppings for desert related items. 

Some healthy cake recipes include a flourless chocolate cake that is free of dairy products. Instead, it uses unsweetened baking chocolate and coconut oil. There is also a healthier carrot cake that uses whole wheat flour, mild oil as a replacement to butter, and bananas and dates for sweeteners.  


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Get Everything You Need 

 When you decide how you're going to celebrate, its time to get everything you need. Little Red Hen Kitchen Store has several cake-related items like stands, candles, spatulas, and baking dishes. If bite-sized treats are more to your liking, we also have cupcakes molds in a variety of fun shapes, like robots and trains. If you have an event coming up, you may also try out the themed cupcake kits, which also make great gifts. Choose your flavor, celebrate and eat cake! 

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