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Giving Tuesday

November is usually associated with Thanksgiving, and one way we can show how grateful we are for what we have is to give to those less fortunate than us. Giving Tuesday is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving and it has become a day where we can all donate to or help those in need.

Giving Tuesday was created when two charity organizations, the 92nd Street YMCA and the United Nations Foundation came together in 2012 a month before Thanksgiving that year. They intended to set aside a day that was all about celebrating the great American tradition of generosity. 

There are many ways and reasons to give those in need. Many charities help provide clothing, meals, shelter, vocational training, and rehabilitation to those who are need and can't otherwise provide these things for themselves. The people who are helped can receive material goods and services, but also have their human dignity affirmed when so many people are prone to overlook and ignore them. A meal, shelter, and even employment can go a long way to helping those on the margins of society feel included.  

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There are always people in the world who struggle with everyday life and are in need of some help. One of the struggles people with developmental disabilities often face is finding supportive employment. Little Red Hen not only provides supportive employment but also teaches a wide variety of job skills across the 6 retail locations, the Online and Promotions department, our Tools and Trade program, as well as at our Park and Garden.  In addition to job skills, Little Red Hen also provides healthy eating classes, socialization, and communication skills. All of these services are made possible through our retail locations and donations from people like you!

You can donate to Little Red Hen for Giving Tuesday at any time! Donations can be made at any in-store location, online, and even added to any online orders. Money donated to us will go a long way in the support of our employment, children's programs, and building new locations for Little Red Hen. 

A common saying is "it is better to give than to receive". Giving not only helps others, but it can help you as well. Studies have shown that giving creates a "giving high" in your brain. Being charitable lower depression and blood pressure rates, higher self-esteem, and increase life expectancy. It also has reputation benefits, as people will know you have a good heart if they see you are helping others. 

If you're looking to truly indulge in the holiday spirit it's hard to go wrong with spending time with those you love, being thankful for what you have and giving to those in need. 


Posted by Sam Dickenson

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