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Employee Spotlight- Carly M.

We are proud to say that Little Red Hen has no shortage of creative and committed workers. Carly M. joined our Little Red Hen team just a few months ago and has already proven that she is an example of a strong work ethic. Carly works at Tools and Trade Too and infuses her work with as much creativity as possible. Carly M. works on a variety of art projects at work and loves putting together garden-based recipes.

Outside of work, Carly enjoys wakeboarding. Carly just started the sport last summer, but has had a blast so far. 

Carly is really enjoying her job at Little Red Hen, and she has continued to apply herself to everything she does. "I love to be happy and proud in what I do," Carly shared. Carly plans to keep working hard and see what the future has to offer. As Carly said, you never know what could happen!


Posted by Fran H

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