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Feline Friends for Autism

recent study suggests that cats might be beneficial as an emotional support animal if you or child is on the autism spectrum. An emotional support animal is a pet that is used to foster closeness to fight depression and loneliness. The study went onto conclude that the 42 cats in the survey were more affectionate towards the children with ASD than those who were not. Affection between the different cats did vary, but most were moderate to extremely devoted.

Some of the cats in the study were shown to comfort the children when they were upset. This study seems to imply that the felines somehow preferred the children on the autism spectrum.

A small group of dogs was also used in the study. It was found that the dogs required much more attention from the kids, while the cats were content with very little care. Or sometimes just content to stay in the room with them. If you are lucky enough to have a feline friend in your life, don't forget that today is International Cat Day. Or bring home a furry friend for your loved one on the spectrum if they need some extra cuddle time.

Posted by Sam DeLong

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