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Nestled somewhere before Thanksgiving and Christmas, Halloween arrives as a real treat for lots of kids (and let's be real some adults) all around the world. It's not all candy corn and Eleven from Stranger Things costumes. If you are a kid or the parent of a kid on the Spectrum, it can come with its own unique set of challenges. Here are some tips to ensure your little monster has a great and safe time this October 31st.

Pick the Costume Early

Mid-September is the perfect time to lock down what your child's costume is going to be. While kids can change their minds, waiting till the last minute is going to be stressful as you look for that particular version of Spider-Man for example, that was everywhere a few weeks ago is suddenly going to be nowhere to be found.

Take the Costume for a Test Drive

If your child has sensory issues, fabrics being itchy or too tight, a little practice run couldn't hurt. Give some practice wearing the costume that they have a short time to get used to it. This is an excellent time to test out how they feel about the fabric, the fit, and how it will fit over their clothes. 

Pick out Your Time, Early

Depending on the age group of your child, as well as the level of accommodation needed, you may choose to go out at a different time than other kids' groups. Firstly, this can lead to smaller groups all around, making it more comfortable. Secondly, Halloween usually falls on a weekday (its Thursday this year) meaning that it falls on a school night, so adjust their schedule to allow for proper sleep.  

Moderate Their Candy

While every kid would like to hide away and go to town on their newly acquired Halloween candy haul, all that sugar shouldn't be ingested in one sitting. Some kids on the spectrum don't do well with large amounts of sugar; not to mention the effect it has on any kid's stomach. 

Treat Street @Little Red Hen Vintage

Little Red Hen Vintage Hen brings spooktacular fun to Treat Street in Downtown Chico. This trick or treat alternative is a Chico Community tradition. Downtown Chico opens itself up at an earlier hour (see tips above) so that the slightly younger crowd can still enjoy the prospect of free candy. Over 90 Downtown Chico businesses, including Little Red Hen Vintage, bring the fun from 2 to 5 p.m.


Posted by Sam DeLong

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