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Stay Safe Online

October is National Cyber Security Month, so this is an excellent time to brush up on measures we can all take to make sure our information stays safe and secure. Anyone who's ever had to change their social media password knows how easy our online information can come under attack. 

Create a unique password

Most of us have lots of passwords to keep track of, and keeping them straight can be a challenge. A password that is too simple can open you up to trouble, even though that is tempting to use one that is easy to remember. Try choosing a unique password that uses both letters and numbers. Don't use your name in your password. Also, try to use different passwords for different accounts, and resist the temptation to use the same password for everything. Alternatively, you can write them down in a safe place so you can easily input it if you need too. 


Make sure your Virus Protection is Up To Date

Most of us have devices that stay connected to the Internet 24/7. While offering great convenience our tech is also are susceptible to viruses. An anti-virus program will scan your device for trouble, (even your phone) and you can download these programs for free. If your anti-virus is a paid subscription service be sure to keep it active.  

Ask Your Bank About Fraud Protection

If you make online purchases, it's possible that someone might get a hold of your information. If you have a bank account, ask them about sending you fraud alerts. These can be used to track large unusual purchases, online purchases made at night, or for things that you normally wouldn't buy.

Sign Up for Identity Theft Insurance

There are many companies now offering Identity Theft Protection. Lifelock and other services like it will monitor your information to make sure you stay safe. offers protection 100 percent free. They even provide $50,000 of insurance at no cost.

 Storing your information online is convenient and in many ways is faster, and with some careful planning, you can keep your information safe. If you find yourself a victim of identity theft, be patient and know that you will get through it.

At Little Red Hen, we follow industry standards on information security management to safeguard sensitive information, such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details and any other personal information entrusted to us. 

Posted by Sam DeLong

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