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Handmade from the Heart

You may already know that Little Red Hen carries cute and cooky items at all of our locations, but did you know that Little Red Hen has many handmade items that are made by Little Red Hen staff? These unique, handmade items are crafted and then sold at many of our locations. 


These pieces of wearable and dangly art are a unique and fun gift idea, made with great care by Little Red Hen staff. When making these earrings a unique design for each one is chosen, along with a pattern to go underneath. Finally, a hook to bring it all together. 

Stepping Stones/Mosaic Tiles

Another great handmade item that you have probably seen is our Stepping Stones. These are made by pouring concrete into a mold and then decorating them by gluing pieces of mosaic tiles on top. These stepping stones can be used to decorate a garden area, whether it's in the front or back yard.

Little Red Hen Staff Laurie B. takes great pride in designing these cool stepping stones. Little Red Hen also makes custom Stepping Stones upon request.  


This cool form of textiles is made from creatively knitting yarn to form a pattern or shape. This unique and gift-ready item can be made into almost anything that is made of cloth, from plant hangers to bracelets. 


Gypsy Wind Chimes & Sun Catchers

For these fun homemade items, glass beads are hung from a base to gleam off the sun to create an awesome effect, creating a unique Sun Catcher. Similar to ordinary wind chimes, Gypsy Wind Chimes catch the light with glass crystals, while also making a pleasant sound when the wind goes by. Lynn from the Gift Shop takes a break from concentrating on these handmade treasures to share a smile. Little Red Hen also makes wind chimes using Jello molds as a base.

Cosmetic Bags & Checkbook Covers

Our talented sewing guild is in stitches about these cool handmade cosmetic bags and checkbook covers. They  come in unique patterns and colors and are made from 100 percent cotton cloth, or more durable oilcloth. 

Hand-Made & Ready to Party!

When it is party time, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or graduation, Little Red Hen has you covered with a selection of handmade cards and custom party decorations. These staff-created hand made cards & decorations are perfect for any occasion or theme. From a Minnie Mouse or Lego Ninja birthday party, to a baby shower and more, the only limit is your imagination. 

Nothing beats the charm and care of a handmade gift, and with so many different options to choose from, you are sure to find something cool, creative and original whether you are giving or receiving. Come by one of our many locations today to find that special home made item you are looking for. 

Posted by Sam DeLong

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