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Heading into 2019, our goal is Balance!


Heading into 2019, our goal is Balance!

This year our New Year's Resolution is to promote a balanced lifestyle. We've created a few graphics to help you achieve balance as well as links to some helpful products we sell online or at one of our five retail locations. 

Let's go 2019! #balance #NewYearsResolutions

B is for Balanced Diet!

Start this year off with some healthy meals, and use healthy alternatives in your favorite recipes.

Gear up with lunch boxes, cookware, and more from The Kitchen Store!

A is for Active Lifestyle!

Try some of these fun and easy ways to add some extra activity into your day, and let us know which ones were your favorite!

P.S. Adding some gardening into your routine? Check out our Nursery for everything you'll need to build the perfect garden!

L is for Loving Yourself!

Take time to care for you! Get better sleep, de-stress, and enjoy the things that make you happy.

Looking for something luxurious to spoil yourself? Check out our Gift Shop and Floral & More for amazing lotions, bubble baths, and so much more!

A is for Adding Organization!

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to add some organization into your life. Try these tips and hacks to get your day-to-day routine more organized.

Gear up with notebooks and stationery from the Gift shop, and new kitchen gear from the Kitchen Store!

N is for New Beginnings...

So many in our local community lost so much this fall, and we want to know what beginning you're most looking forward to this year?

For those of us in our Little Red Hen Online Department, we look forward to sharing Little Red Hen news and helpful information with all of our supporters!

C is for Create!

Finding a creative activity to do has so many health benefits and it's just so much fun! So this new year, find a way to add a touch of creativity to your day by finding a new creative task, or let us help you by attending one of our classes to learn a fun creative new skill!

Visit our Events page to find all our upcoming classes!

E is for Euphoria!

Do more of what you love! Find your happiness! What is it you do that you truly love?

Need some supplies for your favorite hobbies? Check out our retail locations for everything you need from gardening supplies and cookware, to board games and antiques!

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