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Little Red Hen at "Our Promise" Event in Sacramento

Little Red Hen recently participated in the 60th Annual Our Promise Kick Off Event in Sacramento. This United Way sponsored free event provides California state agencies and consumers with information for a large group of non-profit organizations under one event, so they can choose which one they would like to support. This event took place in front of Sacramento's historic Capitol Building.

"Our Promise" puts a big focus on highlighting lesser known non-profits so that their wonderful message and services can reach even more people. The event was started in 1957, as a way for supporters to have access to a network of non-profits under one roof, or in this case, tent. "Our Promise" raised 6.2 Million dollars in 2016, across 2,364 non-profit agencies. 

 Everyone who came to the table was delighted to learn more about the Little Red Hen; from our the job skills we teach, to all the great programs being hosted at the Lifespan Center. Many of the event regular attendees, such as the Sacramento SPCA, said that the caring and friendly attitude of everyone in the booth made us a "welcome addition" to the event and they hope to see us there next year. Little Red Hen was approached many state agencies such as the Department of Rehabilitation and the DMV.

Many of the guests who approached the booth also said that California needs more programs like ours, and our balance of retail and services is very unique. The "Our Promise" Kick Off Event was a great opportunity for more people to learn about the mission and message of Little Red Hen.


Posted by Sam DeLong

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