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Tools & Trade

Little Red Hen is excited to introduce a new program: Tools & Trade! This program is designed to teach many skills that can be used both outside of work and at other jobs; such as automotive repair, manufacturing, and furniture repair. Tools & Trade's brand new 3,300 square foot space came about when it became clear that our hard working maintenance crew needed a much bigger space in order to grow and change. 

Tools & Trade will be a full retail location, open to the public just as much as Kitchen Store or Floral & More. As well as teaching brand new skills, this location will also be continuing furniture restoration for Vintage Hen and mosaics for Park & Garden.

In addition, Tools and Trade will be doing the metal work for Vintage Hen, Shelving for signs at Plant Nursery, as well as making pallets for various bridal and garden shows for Floral & More. 

Several new employees will be joining the Little Red Hen team at this location, as well as some familiar faces who will be learning these important and new skills. Tools and Trade has stations for Ceramics and Painting, Tree Maintenance, and Irrigation just to name a few. 

Tools and Trade will be working with all the other Little Red Hen locations to make sure all the locations have good resources and equipment that is in full working order. The skills learned at Tools and Trade can lead into other jobs with skills that can be used to help our Chico community and beyond. 

Little Red Hen would like to thank Far Northern Regional Center. Without their continued support, we would not be able to take a chance on exciting new programs like this one. Best of luck to everyone at Tools & Trade! 

Posted by Sam DeLong

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