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10 Tips for a Successful New Years Resolution


The new year is here, the time marked for new beginnings. It's our chance to “wipe the slate clean” and start fresh for a better us.

Most of us have at least one New Year’s Resolutions: be more eco-friendly, live healthier, read more, get organized, etc. However, it can be a struggle to stand strong, even with the best intentions. Well, guess what?!

2017 is THE YEAR to succeed! Here are a few bits to help:

10 Tips to Keep Your 2017 Resolutions On Track

1. Make it something you actually really want - Your resolution should not be something you “should” do, but something you truly want to do.

2. Be realistic -
Don’t expect the impossible. Give yourself a practical goal.

Make a plan- write it down3. Be specific - “I want to reduce my carbon footprint” is not specific. Confidently saying "I will ride my bike to work 2 days a week" is very specific.

4. Make a plan - Schedule time to work on your resolution and be prepared to change habits. Ask your friends and coworkers to help you set up a “game plan”.

5. Set small, short-term goals -
Small, weekly or monthly goals are manageable. Losing 1lb a week is more attainable than trying to think about losing 50lbs!

6. Visualize your goal regularly - Create a detailed mental image of what your success looks like. Seeing is believing! 
Telling a friend helps your keep your goals! 7. Tell people! - Friends can support you and also hold you accountable. Maybe you can use the buddy system and work on a shared goal together? Or, ask your sweetie to double up on flowers and just skip delicious empty calories this Valentines Day.

8. Track your progress - If cooking more home meals is your goal, take food selfies as you dine at your own table. Yes, your friends will forgive you for adding to Instagram's food photo archives. They might stop-by in well timed visit too!

Celebrate little victories9. Celebrate little victories - Reward yourself for your progress and be proud of your efforts, no matter how small.

10. Forgive yourself - If you mess up, that’s ok! Tomorrow is a new day. 

Remember, every single day of our lives, we have the choice to wake up and try again. To keep going. To keep becoming better versions of ourselves. Everyday we have the opportunity to become a brighter, bolder, more brilliant US. That’s what we all strive for at Little Red Hen- that is why we are here- to flourish.

Guest written by Blake Ellis, Charge of Little Red Hen's Park and Garden

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