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Pet Appreciation Days in August

 Pets are great companions and keep us company when we are alone. We love them! August had two holidays dedicated to pets that pet owners can appreciate their furry friends. August 17th was Black Cat Appreciation Day for those of us who have a feline friend. Following that, we had Dog Appreciation Day on August 26th. Anytime is a great time to appreciate your pets.

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There are many great things about owning a Dog. Man's best friend can help you in a variety of ways relating to health. Dogs can help you exercise more, and improve your heart condition. They also help you feel less stressed and encourage you to improve your social life.

Cats also have this effect and help you cope through tough experiences like the loss of a loved one. Having a pet around from the time your children are born can help a baby develop resistance to allergies of different kinds. They might also help you sleep better. 

 For all you animal lovers, Little Red Hen carries a selection of cat and dog-related items. From coin purses to kitchen gadgets Little Red Hen Kitchen Store and Gift Shop have many items to choose from; available on online as well! Black cats can especially be prominent around Halloween, which will be here before you know it. 

If you missed the official days for cats and dogs, don't worry; your animals don't know there's an official day about them, to them, every day is their day as long as you are there to make them happy. Just spend time with them and it will be as good as a holiday for them.  

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Posted by Sam Dickenson

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