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New Season, New Veggies

In Season

While most people may think of Spring as the ideal time to plant, there are many awesome vegetables that will be in season in time for the fall.  Fruits and veggies when eaten in their proper season are more nutrient-dense because they have matured on the plant, rather than being picked early. In season, plants are also more likely to be locally grown (which is good for your local economy). Here are some of the healthiest fruits and vegetables to eat this Fall that will be even healthier for you now that they are in season. 


Almost as soon as you say the word Fall, thoughts of Pumpkins are sprouting as they are one of the icons of the fall season. These large orange beauties are technically a squash and have many health benefits. Bringing a great pumpkin to the dinner table will boost your immunity, aid with heart health, and cancer prevention. You can store these squashes in a cool dry place for months at a time, but once they are cut open you should use them immediately. They can be cooked in a variety of ways, including baking the seeds. 

Sweet Potatoes 

When it comes to health benefits, few starches pack more bang than a good ole sweet potato. Their properties are shown to be a delicious anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic fighting force. Their bright vibrant purple color means that they are high in anti-oxidants. They have the same pigment that gives red grapes and blueberries their color.

Sweet Potatoes grow worldwide and do best in a bright sunny climate. Sweet potatoes will grow in poor soil, but deformed roots may develop in heavy clay or long and stringy in the sandy dirt. To create the perfect environment, create long, wide, 10-inch-high ridges spaced 3½ feet apart. (A 10-foot row will produce 8 to 10 pounds of potatoes.) This versatile veggie can also be cooked just about any way; baked, boiled, and so on. Don't forget to try your hand at Sweet Potato Fries!


So Far we have only had vegetables on this list, but they're no reason why some fall fruit can't be great for you too! In North America alone there are over 2,500 varieties of apples, and this crisp fruit is nutritious and filling, even when eaten in its raw uncooked form. They are full of fiber and may aid in weight-loss heart health. They can be Baked into a pie, cobbler, apple crisps, the possibilities are nearly endless. 


These bright and colorful purples veggies have amazing health benefits. Whether in cooked or liquid form this superfood produces a compound called betalain which increases the blood flow to your brain and heart, which can help fight blood pressure, dementia, and heart disease. 

Brussels Sprouts & Cabbage

Both of these veggies are closely related to the mustard greens and kale family. they are both extremely high in fiber, which keeps your gut healthy and regular. Brussel sprouts are often referred to as "mini cabbages" and are typically cut and cooked. The Brussel Sprout's also rich in antioxidants and aid in blood clotting, and muscle growth.


This miracle fruit has many health benefits for your body and is even good for your skin. A single pomegranate has more than 40 percent of your daily allotment of Vitamin C, making fresh pomegranate juice an excellent source. Pomegranates are also packed with antioxidants, three times the amount of green tea and red wine. Antioxidants protect your cells from damage and can help with inflammation. This little purple fruit can also aid your dental health. Pomegranate Juice has been shown to attack the bacteria in your mouth. Pomegranate juice has also been shown to be good for your skin, its nutrients can aid in anti-aging when made into a facial scrub.

While many of these delicious fruits and veggies are available year-round, remember that to get the full effect of these nutrients, it is better to eat them when they are most in season. A new season means new treats and tastes on the menu so be sure to grab these healthy fruits and veggies to start your fall off right!  

Posted by Sam DeLong

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