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Jumpstart your brain with puzzles

People come in all shapes, sizes and colors, much like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

And just like pieces of a puzzle, no matter how irregular your shape may appear, every one has a place. Every one has a space where they are welcome and fit together perfectly with those around them. So, while you're searching to find your “piece” in the world, why not give your brain a jumpstart and exercise your mind by putting together a puzzle?

eeboo cats at work puzzlePuzzle solving is beneficial for your mind and critical thinking skills, particularly in early childhood. It’s an early example of problem solving strategy, and also encourages self-management skills, since everyone tends to solve jigsaw puzzles in their own unique way. Puzzles can also enhance hand eye coordination and tactile skills in young adults and children.
puzzles on shelfWhile an enjoyable solo activity, puzzles can also be a team effort, with each person handling a section of the puzzle, taking turns and working together. This group approach to puzzle solving encourages budding social interaction, and succeeding in solving the puzzle leads to an increase in self confidence and general desire to have more social interaction.

autism awareness puzzle ribbonThe puzzle piece is also a universal symbol for autism-awareness. It reflects the complexity of the autism spectrum and diversity of the people and families living with the condition. Even though each piece of a puzzle is different, it is those differences that make those pieces fit together in a grand design! Since learning through play is such an effective tool for kids on the autism spectrum, puzzles are also the perfect solution as it mixes mechanical and creative thinking skills.

With all the benefits and entertainment puzzles provide, this inexpensive activity is one the whole family can enjoy! 


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