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Healthy Eating on the Go!

Little Red Hen's Healthy Staff program has been a big hit! This program teaches staff how to eat clean and healthy with food demos, recipes, and resources. One of the challenges to eating healthy is making smart choices when eating out. In our last class, we found some FREE apps that you can download straight to your phone, and now we are sharing this digital goodness with you. 

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1. Healthy Out. What sets this app apart is that it lets you filter through many dietary options (gluten-free, low carb, paleo, etc.). The only downside is that it only recognizes big chain restaurants, so if you're going to a local hole in the wall or a taco truck, you're out of luck. 


2. Food Tripping. (Android & iPhone) This app breaks your options into easy to understand categories: eateries, juice joints, farmers markets, coffee and tea, etc. In addition, if you're road tripping to a destination, it will also give you healthy options to where you are traveling to. 


 3. Healthy Dining Finder. This restaurant database has over 400 partners that are hand picked and rated by the site. The website also has a full featured blog, which includes articles on recipes and healthy eating. Create an account to make your search even easier. 


Little Red Hen encourages an active and healthy lifestyle with a fit and delicious diet.

Eating out is all about making better and more health conscious choices.  Don't be afraid to ask for a healthier alternative no matter where you are. Switching out those french fries for a salad, or putting your sauce on the side is a great way to control how you fuel up when you're out with family & friends. 

Chico has a lot of a enticing options for eating out. Even when you find yourself in a situation where fast food is the only option, take heart and know that you still have healthy choices. Reading menus and asking for substitutions (like drinking water or tea instead of soda) will go along way to help you stay fit and strong this summer. If you're not sure, use these helpful apps to ensure a healthy summer. 

Posted by Sam DeLong

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  • Absolutely fantastic tips for healthy eating and living!

    Mykee Landry on

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