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Your Dad, Your Hero

He's a taxi driver and wise ear to bend. He taught you the value of a dollar and the cleverness of a pun. He's your hero. He's your dad. It's the time of year to thank him for all that he does. He doesn't need it, but he does deserve it.  

Here are some thoughtful ways that you can give back to your Dad.

  • Time. This is probably the most important of them. Whether it's coffee, a ball game, or going to the movies, your dad always loves to spend time with you. It's not the what, it's the who. 
  • Ask him for advice. Any advice from Dad may be full of puns and cheesy anecdotes, but there's some golden wisdom in there. And here's a secret; he never gets sick of being there for you. 
  • Tell him he's doing a good job. Parenting has no rule book and yet it's the hardest thing there is. Give your dad an old fashioned that-a-boy and remind him that he is your hero.
  • Make a donation in his name. The best thing for a dad besides being someone's hero, is knowing that he inspired his kid to be someone else's. Worthy causes, like Little Red Hen, are usually tax write- offs too! 
  • Let him teach you something. Whether it's fishing or the right way to grill a burger, Dads are always game for a little life lesson, it reminds them that they always have some knowledge to pass on, even into adulthood. So this Father's Day, remind your Dad of his most important job of all, raising a great kid! 


Posted by Sam DeLong

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